n.1.Nothingness; nihility.
2.The doctrine that nothing can be known; scepticism as to all knowledge and all reality.
3.(Politics) The theories and practices of the Nihilists.
Noun1.nihilism - a revolutionary doctrine that advocates destruction of the social system for its own sake
2.nihilism - the delusion that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist; a sense that everything is unreal
3.nihilism - complete denial of all established authority and institutions
Jacobinism, New Left, Old Left, agnosia, anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarchy, antinomianism, block, blocking, chaos, confusion, criminal syndicalism, cynicism, defeatism, delirium, delusion, delusion of persecution, dismalness, disorder, disorderliness, disorganization, disorientation, disruption, extreme left, extreme left wing, extremism, flight of ideas, gloominess, gloomy outlook, hallucination, hallucinosis, left-wing extremism, lynch law, malism, mental block, mental confusion, misrule, mob law, mob rule, mobocracy, negativism, nihilistic delusion, ochlocracy, paralogia, pessimism, primal chaos, psychological block, radicalism, radicalization, rebellion, retreatism, revolution, revolutionism, sans-culotterie, sans-culottism, syndicalism, tohubohu, turmoil, ultraconservatism, ultraism, uncheerfulness, unruliness
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Nihil de re accrescit ei qui nihil in re quando jus accresceret habet
Nihil debet
Nihil dicit
Nihil facit error nominis cum de corpore constat
Nihil habet
Nihil habet forum ex scena
Nihil in lege intolerabilius est
Nihil magis justum est quam quod necessarium est
nihil obstat
Nihil perfectum est dum aliquid restat agendum
Nihil possumus contra veritatem
Nihil quod est contra rationem est licitum
Nihil quod inconveniens est licitum est
Nihil simul inventum est et perfectum
Nihil tam conveniens est naturali aequitati
Nihil tam naturale est
-- Nihilism --
nihilistic delusion
Nikita Khrushchev
Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev
Niklaus Wirth
Nikola Tesla
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