Pronunciation: lăns
n.1.A weapon of war, consisting of a long shaft or handle and a steel blade or head; a spear carried by horsemen, and often decorated with a small flag; also, a spear or harpoon used by whalers and fishermen.
A braver soldier never couched lance.
- Shak.
2.A soldier armed with a lance; a lancer.
3.(Founding) A small iron rod which suspends the core of the mold in casting a shell.
4.(Mil.) An instrument which conveys the charge of a piece of ordnance and forces it home.
5.(Pyrotech.) One of the small paper cases filled with combustible composition, which mark the outlines of a figure.
6.(Med.) A lancet.
Free lance
in the Middle Ages, and subsequently, a knight or roving soldier, who was free to engage for any state or commander that purchased his services; hence, a person who assails institutions or opinions on his own responsibility without regard to party lines or deference to authority. See also freelance, n. and a., and freelancer.
Lance bucket
(Cavalry) a socket attached to a saddle or stirrup strap, in which to rest the but of a lance.
Lance corporal
same as Lancepesade.
Lance knight
a lansquenet.
Lance snake
(Zool.) the fer-de-lance.
- B. Jonson.
Stink-fire lance
(Mil.) a kind of fuse filled with a composition which burns with a suffocating odor; - used in the counter operations of miners.
To break a lance
to engage in a tilt or contest.
v. t.1.To pierce with a lance, or with any similar weapon.
[imp. & p. p. Lanced ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Lancing .]
2.To open with a lancet; to pierce; as, to lance a vein or an abscess.
3.To throw in the manner of a lance. See Lanch.
Noun1.Lancelance - a long pointed rod used as a weapon
Synonyms: spear, shaft
2.lance - an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish
Synonyms: fishgig, fizgig, gig, spear
3.lance - a surgical knife with a pointed double-edged blade; used for punctures and small incisions
Synonyms: lancet
Verb1.lance - move quickly, as if by cutting one's way; "Planes lanced towards the shore"
2.lance - pierce with a lance, as in a knights' fight
3.lance - open by piercing with a lancet; "lance a boil"
LANCE - Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet.

The alternative name for the Am7990 integrated circuit used in a Filtabyte Ethernet controller card.
LAN Controller for Ethernet (LAN) To see a lance in your dream, represents initiative and have set you sight on a direct goal or path. You have taken a stance. To dream that you are wounded by a lance, denotes that you have made a poor judgment and is facing the consequences. To dream that you break a lance, signifies that you will succeed in overcoming what was a seemingly impossible task.amputate, assegai, auger, ax, bayonet, bisect, bite, bore, bowl, broach, butcher, carve, cast, catapult, chop, chuck, chunk, cleave, countersink, cut away, cut in two, cut off, dagger, dart, dash, dichotomize, dirk, dissever, drill, empierce, excise, fire, fissure, fix, fling, flip, fork, gash, gore, gouge, gouge out, hack, halve, heave, hew, hole, honeycomb, hurl, hurtle, incise, javelin, jerk, jigsaw, knife, lancet, launch, let fly, lob, needle, open, pare, pass, peg, pelt, penetrate, pike, pink, pitch, pitchfork, plunge in, poniard, prick, prune, punch, put, put the shot, ream, ream out, rend, riddle, rive, run through, saber, saw, scissor, serve, sever, shy, skewer, slash, slice, sling, slit, snap, snip, spear, spike, spit, split, stick, stiletto, sunder, sword, tap, tear, throw, tilt, toss, transfix, transpierce, trepan, trephine, whittle
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