Judices pedaneos

JUDICES PEDANEOS. Among the Romans, the praetors, and other great magistrates, did not themselves decide the actions which arose between private individuals these were submitted to judges chosen by the parties, and these judges were called judices pedaneos. In choosing them, the plaintiff had the right to nominate, and the defendant to accept or reject those nominated. Heinnee. Antiq. lib. 4, tit. b, n. 40 7 Toull. n. 353.

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-- Judices pedaneos --
Judici officium suum excedenti non paretur
Judici satis paena est quod deum habet ultorem
Judicia in deliberationibus crebro naturescunt
Judicia posteriora sunt in lege fortiora
Judicia sunt tanquam juris dicta
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