n.1.(Bot.) A well-known edible berry growing in pendent clusters or bunches on the grapevine. The berries are smooth-skinned, have a juicy pulp, and are cultivated in great quantities for table use and for making wine and raisins.
2.(Bot.) The plant which bears this fruit; the grapevine.
3.(Man.) A mangy tumor on the leg of a horse.
4.(Mil.) Grapeshot.
Grape borer
(Zool.) See Vine borer.
Grape curculio
(Zool.) a minute black weevil (Craponius inæqualis) which in the larval state eats the interior of grapes.
Grape flower
(Bot.) a liliaceous plant (Muscari racemosum) with small blue globular flowers in a dense raceme.
Grape fungus
(Bot.) a fungus (Oidium Tuckeri) on grapevines; vine mildew.
Grape hopper
(Zool.) a small yellow and red hemipterous insect, often very injurious to the leaves of the grapevine.
Grape moth
(Zool.) a small moth (Eudemis botrana), which in the larval state eats the interior of grapes, and often binds them together with silk.
Grape of a cannon
the cascabel or knob at the breech.
Grape sugar
See Glucose.
Grape worm
(Zool.) the larva of the grape moth.
Sour grapes
things which persons affect to despise because they can not possess them; - in allusion to æsop's fable of the fox and the grapes.
Noun1.grape - any of various juicy purple- or green-skinned fruit of the genus Vitis; grow in clusters
2.grape - any of numerous woody vines of genus Vitis bearing clusters of edible berries
Synonyms: grapevine
common grape vine, fox grape, genus Vitis, grapevine, muscadine, vine, vinifera, vinifera grape, Vitis, Vitis labrusca, Vitis rotundifolia, Vitis vinifera
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