n.1.property; possession; tenure.
Once did she hold the gorgeous East in fee.
- Wordsworth.
2.Reward or compensation for services rendered or to be rendered; especially, payment for professional services, of optional amount, or fixed by custom or laws; charge; pay; perquisite; as, the fees of lawyers and physicians; the fees of office; clerk's fees; sheriff's fees; marriage fees, etc.
3.(Feud. Law) A right to the use of a superior's land, as a stipend for services to be performed; also, the land so held; a fief.
4.(Eng. Law) An estate of inheritance supposed to be held either mediately or immediately from the sovereign, and absolutely vested in the owner.
5.(Amer. Law) An estate of inheritance belonging to the owner, and transmissible to his heirs, absolutely and simply, without condition attached to the tenure.
Fee estate
(Eng. Law) land or tenements held in fee in consideration or some acknowledgment or service rendered to the lord.
Fee farm
(Law) land held of another in fee, in consideration of an annual rent, without homage, fealty, or any other service than that mentioned in the feoffment; an estate in fee simple, subject to a perpetual rent.
Fee farm rent
(Eng. Law) a perpetual rent reserved upon a conveyance in fee simple.
- Blackstone.
Fee fund
(Scot. Law) certain court dues out of which the clerks and other court officers are paid.
Fee simple
(Law) an absolute fee; a fee without conditions or limits.
v. t.1.To reward for services performed, or to be performed; to recompense; to hire or keep in hire; hence, to bribe.
[imp. & p. p. Feed (fēd); p. pr. & vb. n. Feeing.]
The patient . . . fees the doctor.
- Dryden.
Noun1.fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
2.fee - an interest in land capable of being inherited
Verb1.fee - give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the agreed-on compensation; "Remember to tip the waiter"; "fee the steward"
Synonyms: bung, tip
Trinkgeld, account, admission, admission fee, allowance, anchorage, assessment, bill, blackmail, blood money, bonus, bounty, bribe, brokerage, carfare, cellarage, charges, compensate, consideration, copyhold, cost, cover charge, demand, dockage, donative, double time, dues, emolument, entrance fee, equitable estate, estate at sufferance, estate for life, estate for years, estate in expectancy, estate in fee, estate in possession, estate tail, exaction, exactment, expense, fare, fee simple, fee tail, feod, feodum, feud, feudal estate, fief, footing, gratuity, gravy, grease, guerdon, hire, honorarium, hush money, incentive pay, indemnify, inducement, initiation fee, lagniappe, largess, lease, leasehold, legal estate, liberality, license fee, mileage, palm oil, paramount estate, particular estate, pay by installments, pay on, perks, perquisite, pilotage, portage, pourboire, premium, prepay, price, reckoning, recompense, remainder, remit, remunerate, render, retainer, retaining fee, reversion, reward, salary, salvage, salve, satisfy, scot, scot and lot, shot, something extra, sportula, stipend, storage, sweetener, tender, tip, toll, towage, tribute, vested estate, wharfage
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