n.1.The act or process of consuming by use, waste, etc.; decay; destruction.
2.The state or process of being consumed, wasted, or diminished; waste; diminution; loss; decay.
3.(Med.) A progressive wasting away of the body; esp., that form of wasting, attendant upon pulmonary phthisis and associated with cough, spitting of blood, hectic fever, etc.; pulmonary phthisis; - called also pulmonary consumption.
Consumption of the bowels
(Med.) inflammation and ulceration of the intestines from tubercular disease.
Noun1.consumption - the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)
Synonyms: ingestion, intake, uptake
2.consumption - involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body
3.consumption - (economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing; "the consumption of energy has increased steadily"
4.consumption - the act of consuming something
Sanforizing, TB, ablation, active use, aerogenic tuberculosis, appetite, appliance, application, atrophy, attenuation, attrition, bloodbath, blue ruin, breakup, cannibalism, carnage, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, cerebral tuberculosis, chewing, colliquation, corrosion, cropping, damnation, decimation, decrease, decrement, deglutition, deliquescence, depletion, depreciation, depredation, desolation, despoilment, despoliation, destruction, devastation, devouring, devourment, dieting, dining, disintegration, disorganization, disruption, disseminated tuberculosis, dissipation, dissolution, drain, drying, drying up, eating, emaceration, emaciation, employ, employment, epulation, erosion, evaporation, exercise, exertion, exhaustion, expenditure, feasting, feeding, gluttony, gobbling, good use, grazing, hard usage, hard use, havoc, hecatomb, herbivorism, herbivority, herbivorousness, holocaust, hunger, ill use, impoverishment, ingestion, leakage, licking, loss, lupus vulgaris, manducation, marcescence, mastication, messing, misuse, munching, nibbling, nutrition, omnivorism, omnivorousness, omophagy, pantophagy, parching, pasture, pasturing, pecking, perdition, phthisis, preshrinkage, pulmonary tuberculosis, ravage, regalement, relishing, rough usage, ruin, ruination, rumination, savoring, scrofula, scrofuloderma, searing, shambles, shrinkage, shrinking, shriveling, slaughter, spoliation, tasting, thinning, tuberculosis, tuberculosis cutis, tuberculosis luposa, tuberculous meningitis, undoing, usage, use, using, using up, vandalism, vegetarianism, wastage, waste, wasting, wear and tear, wearing, wearing away, white plague, wilting, withering, wolfing, wrack, wrack and ruin, wreck, wrong use
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