Common Applications Environment

Common Applications Environment - (CAE) Part of X/Open, based on POSIX and C.

Commodore 64DX
Commodore 65
Commodore Business Machines
Commodore John Barry Bridge
Commodore Perry
Commodore SX64
Commodore Vanderbilt
Commodum ex injuria sua non habere debet
common ageratum
common alder
COMmon Algorithmic Language
common allamanda
common American shad
common amsinckia
Common appendant
-- Common Applications Environment --
Common Applications Service Element
Common appurtenant
common apricot
Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
common arrowhead
Common assurances
Common at large
common ax
common axe
Common bail
common bamboo
Common bar
common barberry
common barley
Common barrator
common basil
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