Bat´ter   Pronunciation: băt´tẽr
v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Battered (băt"tẽrd); p. pr. & vb. n. Battering.]
1.To beat with successive blows; to beat repeatedly and with violence, so as to bruise, shatter, or demolish; as, to batter a wall or rampart.
2.To wear or impair as if by beating or by hard usage.
3.(Metallurgy) To flatten (metal) by hammering, so as to compress it inwardly and spread it outwardly.
n.1.A semi-liquid mixture of several ingredients, as, flour, eggs, milk, etc., beaten together and used in cookery.
2.Paste of clay or loam.
3.(Printing) A bruise on the face of a plate or of type in the form.
1.A backward slope in the face of a wall or of a bank; receding slope.
Batter rule
an instrument consisting of a rule or frame, and a plumb line, by which the batter or slope of a wall is regulated in building.
v. i.1.(Arch.) To slope gently backward.
n.1.The one who wields the bat in baseball; the one whose turn it is at bat; formerly called the batsman.
Noun1.Batterbatter - (baseball) a ballplayer who is batting
Synonyms: batsman, hitter, slugger
2.batter - a flour mixture thin enough to pour or drop from a spoon
Verb1.batter - strike against forcefully; "Winds buffeted the tent"
Synonyms: buffet, knock about
2.batter - strike violently and repeatedly; "She clobbered the man who tried to attack her"
Synonyms: clobber, baste
3.batter - make a dent or impression in; "dinge a soft hat"
Synonyms: dinge
Beau Brummel, abuse, albumen, amateur athlete, archer, assault, athlete, attack, ballplayer, bang, barbarize, baseballer, baseman, bash, baste, battery, beat up, belabor, blocking back, bombard, bonnyclabber, bowman, bruise, brutalize, buffet, bung, bung up, burn, butcher, butter, carry on, catcher, center, clabber, clobber, clout, coach, competitor, contuse, cornstarch, cream, cricketer, cripple, curd, defensive lineman, destroy, disable, disfigure, do violence to, do wrong by, do wrong to, dough, drub, egg white, end, flail, flap, footballer, games-player, gamester, gaum, gel, gelatin, glair, glop, glue, gluten, go on, goo, gook, goop, gruel, guard, gumbo, gunk, hammer, harm, ill-treat, ill-use, infielder, injure, jam, jell, jelly, jock, jumper, knock, knock about, lacerate, lambaste, lame, larrup, lay waste, lineman, loblolly, loot, maim, maltreat, mangle, manhandle, maul, mishandle, mistreat, molasses, molest, mucilage, mucus, mug, mutilate, offensive lineman, outfield, outfielder, outrage, pap, paste, patter, pelt, pillage, player, poloist, porridge, professional athlete, pudding, pugilist, pulp, pulverize, pummel, puree, putty, quarterback, racer, rage, ramp, rampage, rant, rap, rape, rave, riot, roar, rob, rough, rough up, ruin, sack, savage, semifluid, semiliquid, shatter, size, skater, slaughter, sledgehammer, smite, soup, sow chaos, spank, sport, sportsman, starch, sticky mess, storm, strike, syrup, tackle, tailback, tear, tear around, terrorize, thrash, thrash soundly, thresh, thump, toxophilite, treacle, vandalize, violate, whip, wingback, wreck, wrestler
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