v. t.1.To bring to a likeness or to conformity; to cause a resemblance between.
[imp. & p. p. Assimilated ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Assimilating ( ).]
To assimilate our law to the law of Scotland.
- John Bright.
Fast falls a fleecy; the downy flakes
Assimilate all objects.
- Cowper.
2.To liken; to compa e.
3.To appropriate and transform or incorporate into the substance of the assimilating body; to absorb or appropriate, as nourishment; as, food is assimilated and converted into organic tissue.
Hence also animals and vegetables may assimilate their nourishment.
- Sir I. Newton.
His mind had no power to assimilate the lessons.
- Merivale.
v. i.1.To become similar or like something else.
2.To change and appropriate nourishment so as to make it a part of the substance of the assimilating body.
3.To be converted into the substance of the assimilating body; to become incorporated; as, some kinds of food assimilate more readily than others.
I am a foreign material, and cannot assimilate with the church of England.
- J. H. Newman.
Verb1.assimilate - take up mentally; "he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe"
Synonyms: absorb, ingest, take in
2.assimilate - become similar to one's environment; "Immigrants often want to assimilate quickly"
dissimilate - become dissimilar or less similar; "These two related tribes of people gradually dissimilated over time"
3.assimilate - make similar; "This country assimilates immigrants very quickly"
dissimilate - make dissimilar; cause to become less similar
4.assimilate - take (gas, light or heat) into a solution
Synonyms: imbibe
5.assimilate - become similar in sound; "The nasal assimialates to the following consonant"
dissimilate - become dissimilar by changing the sound qualities; "These consonants dissimilate"
Americanize, Anglicize, ablate, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, acculturate, acculturize, adapt, adapt to, add, adjust, adjust to, admit, adopt, adsorb, affiliate, agree with, amalgamate, analogize, appreciate, apprehend, appropriate, approximate, assimilate, assimilate to, attune, balance, be guided by, be with one, become, bend, bleed white, blend, blot, blot up, bring into analogy, bring into comparison, bring near, bring to, burn up, catch, catch on, change, change into, change over, chemisorb, chemosorb, chime in with, coalesce, combine, come together, compare, compare and contrast, compare with, complete, comply, comply with, compose, compound, comprehend, comprise, conceive, confer citizenship, conform, confront, connaturalize, connect, consolidate, consume, contain, contrast, convert, coordinate, corner, correct, correspond, count in, counterpose, cover, cut to, damp, deplete, dig, discipline, do over, drain, drain of resources, draw a comparison, draw a parallel, drink, drink in, drink up, eat, eat up, embody, embrace, encircle, enclose, encompass, engross, envisage, equalize, equilibrize, erode, espouse, even, exhaust, expend, fall in with, fathom, fill, fill in, fill out, filter in, finish, finish off, fit, fix, flatten, flux, follow, fuse, gear to, get, get hold of, get the drift, get the idea, get the picture, go by, go native, gobble, gobble up, grasp, harmonize, have, have it taped, hold, homogenize, homologate, homologize, imbibe, imbue, impoverish, include, incorporate, infiltrate, infuse, ingest, ingrain, inoculate, integrate, interblend, interfuse, join, ken, key to, know, learn, leaven, level, liken, liken to, lump together, make, make conform, make one, make over, make plumb, make uniform, master, match, measure, measure against, meet, meld, melt into one, merge, metabolize, metaphorize, mix, mold, monopolize, naturalize, normalize, number among, observe, occupy, oppose, osmose, paragon, parallel, percolate in, place against, predigest, proportion, put in tune, put together, read, realize, receive, reckon among, reckon in, reckon with, reconcile, reconvert, rectify, reduce to, reembody, regularize, regulate, relate, render, resolve into, reverse, right, roll into one, rub off corners, run a comparison, savvy, seep in, seize, seize the meaning, sense, set, set in contrast, set in opposition, set off against, set over against, set right, settle, shade into, shape, shift, similarize, similize, slurp up, smooth, soak in, soak up, solidify, sorb, spend, sponge, squander, stabilize, standardize, stereotype, straighten, suck dry, suffuse, suit, swallow, swallow up, swill up, switch, switch over, symmetrize, sync, synchronize, syncretize, syndicate, synthesize, tailor, take, take in, take into account, take into consideration, take up, tally with, transform, trim to, true, true up, tune, turn back, turn into, understand, uniformize, unify, unite, use up, view together, waste away, wear away, weigh, weigh against, yield
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