Pronunciation: zōn
n.1.A girdle; a cincture.
An embroidered zone surrounds her waist.
- Dryden.
Loose were her tresses seen, her zone unbound.
- Collins.
2.(Geog.) One of the five great divisions of the earth, with respect to latitude and temperature.
3.(Math.) The portion of the surface of a sphere included between two parallel planes; the portion of a surface of revolution included between two planes perpendicular to the axis.
4.(Nat. Hist.) A band or stripe extending around a body.
5.(Crystallog.) A series of planes having mutually parallel intersections.
6.Circuit; circumference.
7.(Biogeography) An area or part of a region characterized by uniform or similar animal and plant life; a life zone; as, Littoral zone, Austral zone, etc.
8.(Cryst.) A series of faces whose intersection lines with each other are parallel.
9.(Railroad Econ.) The aggregate of stations, in whatsoever direction or on whatsoever line of railroad, situated between certain maximum and minimum limits from a point at which a shipment of traffic originates.
10.any area to or within which a shipment or transportation cost is constant;
Abyssal zone
(Phys. Geog.) See under Abyssal.
Zone axis
(Crystallog.) a straight line passing through the center of a crystal, to which all the planes of a given zone are parallel.
v. t.1.To girdle; to encircle.
Noun1.zone - a circumscribed geographical region characterized by some distinctive features
2.zone - any of the regions of the surface of the Earth loosely divided according to latitude or longitude
3.zone - an area or region distinguished from adjacent parts by a distinctive feature or characteristic
4.zone - (anatomy) any encircling or beltlike structure
Synonyms: zona
Verb1.zone - regulate housing in; of certain areas of towns
Synonyms: district
2.zone - separate or apportion into sections; "partition a room off"
Synonyms: partition
zone - A logical group of network devices on AppleTalk.
bailiwick, circle, department, domain, locale, province, quarter, realm, segment, sphere, terrain, turf
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