subfamily Dracenaceae

Noun1.subfamily Dracenaceae - one of two subfamilies to which some classification systems assign some members of the Agavaceae
Agavaceae, agave family, Dracaenaceae, Dracenaceae, family Agavaceae, liliid monocot family, sisal family, subfamily Dracaenaceae
Subesophageal ganglion
subfamily Acoraceae
subfamily Anserinae
subfamily Bassariscidae
subfamily Bovinae
subfamily Cabombaceae
subfamily Caesalpinioideae
subfamily Carduelinae
subfamily Carpinaceae
subfamily Cetoniidae
subfamily Corylaceae
subfamily Dorylinae
subfamily Dracaenaceae
-- subfamily Dracenaceae --
subfamily Emberizidae
subfamily Emberizinae
subfamily Garrulinae
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subfamily Melolonthidae
subfamily Mephitinae
subfamily Merginae
subfamily Mimosoideae
subfamily Nelumbonaceae
subfamily Numididae
subfamily Numidinae
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