Read´er   Pronunciation: rēd´ẽr
n.1.(University of Oxford, Eng.) One who reads.
2.One who reads much; one who is studious.
3.A book containing a selection of extracts for exercises in reading; an elementary book for practice in a language; a reading book.
Noun1.Readerreader - a person who enjoys reading
2.reader - someone who contracts to receive and pay for a certain number of issues of a publication
Synonyms: subscriber
3.reader - a person who can read; a literate person
4.reader - someone who reads manuscripts and judges their suitability for publication
Synonyms: reviewer, referee
5.reader - someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections
Synonyms: proofreader
6.reader - someone who reads the lessons in a church service; someone ordained in a minor order of the Roman Catholic Church
Synonyms: lector
7.Readerreader - a public lecturer at certain universities
Synonyms: lecturer, lector
8.reader - one of a series of texts for students learning to read
Bible clerk, Bible reader, Boanerges, Flexowriter typewriter, Teleplotter, abecedarium, abecedary, achromatic lens, acolyte, acolytus, almoner, alphabet book, alphabetical printer, anagnost, assistant, assistant professor, associate, associate professor, astigmatic lens, battledore, beadle, bedral, burning glass, camera, capitular, capitulary, casebook, chalk talker, choir chaplain, churchwarden, city editor, clerk, coated lens, columnist, concave lens, concavo-convex lens, condenser, convex lens, copy chief, copy editor, copyholder, copyman, copyreader, correspondent, cub reporter, deacon, deaconess, diaconus, diaskeuast, digital graph plotter, discourser, diseur, diseuse, doorkeeper, editor, editorial writer, elder, elderman, elocutioner, elocutionist, emeritus, exercise book, exorcist, exorcista, expositor, expounder, eyeglass, eyepiece, feature editor, foreign correspondent, gazetteer, glass, gradus, grammar, hand lens, hard copy, holy orders, homilist, hornbook, improvisator, improvvisatore, instructor, interviewer, journalist, lay elder, lay reader, leader writer, lector, lecturer, leg man, lens, magnetic recorder, magnetic tape, magnifier, magnifying glass, major orders, managing editor, manual, manual of instruction, meniscus, microcards, microfiche, microfilm, minor orders, news editor, newsman, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, newswriter, object glass, objective, objective prism, ocular, oscillograph recorder, oscilloscope, ostiarius, own correspondent, paragrapher, paragraphist, parish clerk, praelector, preacher, precentor, presbyter, pressman, priest, primer, printout, prism, professor, professor emeritus, proofreader, publicist, pulpitarian, pulpiteer, punch cards, punched tape, reading glass, readout, recitationist, reciter, recorder, relay register, reporter, retired professor, reviser, rewrite man, rewriter, ruling elder, sacrist, sacristan, schoolbook, sermoner, sermonist, sermonizer, sexton, shames, sidesman, slotman, sob sister, special correspondent, speller, spelling book, sports editor, subdeacon, subdiaconus, subeditor, succentor, suisse, t, tape reader, teaching elder, telephoto lens, teletypewriter, text, thurifer, toric lens, tutor, varifocal lens, verger, vergeress, visiting professor, war correspondent, workbook, zoom lens
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