a.1.Of or pertaining to the science of vision; optical.
2.Pertaining to the art, or in accordance with the laws, of perspective.
Perspective plane
the plane or surface on which the objects are delineated, or the picture drawn; the plane of projection; - distinguished from the ground plane, which is that on which the objects are represented as standing. When this plane is oblique to the principal face of the object, the perspective is called oblique perspective; when parallel to that face, parallel perspective.
Perspective shell
(Zool.) any shell of the genus Solarium and allied genera. See Solarium.
n.1.A glass through which objects are viewed.
2.That which is seen through an opening; a view; a vista.
3.The effect of distance upon the appearance of objects, by means of which the eye recognized them as being at a more or less measurable distance. Hence, aërial perspective, the assumed greater vagueness or uncertainty of outline in distant objects.
4.The art and the science of so delineating objects that they shall seem to grow smaller as they recede from the eye; - called also linear perspective.
5.A drawing in linear perspective.
Isometrical perspective
an inaccurate term for a mechanical way of representing objects in the direction of the diagonal of a cube.
Perspective glass
a telescope which shows objects in the right position.
Noun1.perspective - a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"
Synonyms: view, position
2.perspective - the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer
(games)perspective - In computer games, the virtual position from which the human player views the playing area. There are three different perspectives: first person, second person, and third person.

First person perspective: Viewing the world through the eyes of the primary character in three dimensions. e.g. Doom, Quake.

Second person perspective: Viewing the game through a spectator's eyes, in two or three dimensions. Depending on the game, the main character is always in view. e.g. Super Mario Bros., Tomb Raider.

Third person perspective: a point of view which is independent of where characters or playing units are. The gaming world is viewed much as a satellite would view a battlefield. E.g. Warcraft, Command & Conquer.
aesthetic distance, airscape, angle, approach, arrangement, atmosphere, attitude, balance, base, brushwork, cityscape, clearance, cloudscape, color, command, compass, composition, deep space, depths of space, design, distance, divergence, domination, draftsmanship, extent, eyereach, eyeshot, eyesight, farness, field of view, field of vision, footing, ground, grouping, horizon, infinity, ken, landscape, leeway, length, light-years, limit of vision, line, line of sight, lookout, margin, mileage, naked eye, outlook, outlook over, painterliness, panorama, parsecs, piece, point of view, position, post, prospect, range, reach, remoteness, riverscape, scan, scape, scene, scenery, scenic view, scope, scope of vision, seascape, seat, sentiment, separation, shading, shadow, sight, sightliness, skyscape, space, span, stand, standing, standpoint, station, status, stretch, stride, survey, sweep, technique, tone, townscape, treatment, values, vantage point, venue, view, viewpoint, vista, waterscape, way, ways
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