Light´ning   Pronunciation: līt´nĭng
n.1.A discharge of atmospheric electricity, accompanied by a vivid flash of light, commonly from one cloud to another, sometimes from a cloud to the earth. The sound produced by the electricity in passing rapidly through the atmosphere constitutes thunder.
2.The act of making bright, or the state of being made bright; enlightenment; brightening, as of the mental powers.
Ball lightning
a rare form of lightning sometimes seen as a globe of fire moving from the clouds to the earth.
Chain lightning
lightning in angular, zigzag, or forked flashes.
Heat lightning
more or less vivid and extensive flashes of electric light, without thunder, seen near the horizon, esp. at the close of a hot day.
Lightning arrester
(Telegraphy) a device, at the place where a wire enters a building, for preventing injury by lightning to an operator or instrument. It consists of a short circuit to the ground interrupted by a thin nonconductor over which lightning jumps. Called also lightning discharger.
Lightning bug
(Zool.) a luminous beetle. See Firefly.
Lightning conductor
a lightning rod.
Lightning glance
a quick, penetrating glance of a brilliant eye.
Lightning rod
a metallic rod set up on a building, or on the mast of a vessel, and connected with the earth or water below, for the purpose of protecting the building or vessel from lightning.
Sheet lightning
a diffused glow of electric light flashing out from the clouds, and illumining their outlines. The appearance is sometimes due to the reflection of light from distant flashes of lightning by the nearer clouds.
vb. n.1.Lightening.
Noun1.Lightninglightning - abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light
2.lightning - the flash of light that accompanies an electric discharge in the atmosphere (or something resembling such a flash); can scintillate for a second or more
To see lightning in your dream, signifies sudden awareness, insight, and purification. Alternatively, lightning may imply a shocking turn of events. It suggests the many forces governing your life may be beyond your control. To dream that you are struck by lightning, symbolizes irreversible changes occurring in your life. It is a transformation of sorts.Jupiter Fulgur, Thor, antelope, arrow, ball lightning, blue darter, blue streak, bolt, bolt of lightning, cannonball, chain lightning, courser, dark lightning, dart, eagle, electricity, express train, fireball, firebolt, flash, flying flame, forked lightning, fulguration, fulmination, gazelle, greased lightning, greyhound, hare, jet plane, levin bolt, light, mercury, oak-cleaving thunderbolts, quicksilver, rocket, scared rabbit, sheet lightning, shot, streak, streak of lightning, striped snake, stroke of lightning, swallow, thought, thunderball, thunderbolt, thunderstroke, torrent, wind
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