v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Interchanged ; p. pr. & vb. n. Interchanging .]
1.To put each in the place of the other; to give and take mutually; to exchange; to reciprocate; as, to interchange places; they interchanged friendly offices and services.
I shall interchange
My waned state for Henry's regal crown.
- Shak.
2.To cause to follow alternately; to intermingle; to vary; as, to interchange cares with pleasures.
v. i.1.To make an interchange; to alternate.
1.The act of mutually changing; the act of mutually giving and receiving; exchange; as, the interchange of civilities between two persons.
2.The mutual exchange of commodities between two persons or countries; barter; commerce.
3.Alternate succession; alternation; a mingling.
Sweet interchange
Of hill and valley, rivers, woods, and plains.
- Milton.
4.An intersection between highways, having two or more levels and a series of connecting roadways so that traffic on one highway may pass over or under the other highway without crossing through the line of traffic, and vehicles may pass from one highway to the other while traffic on both highways continues uninterrupted. A common interchange is the cloverleaf.
Noun1.interchange - a junction of highways on different levels that permits traffic to move from one to another without crossing traffic streams
2.interchange - mutual interaction; the activity of interchanging or reciprocating
3.interchange - reciprocal transfer of equivalent sums of money especially the currencies of different countries; "he earns his living from the interchange of currency"
Synonyms: exchange
Verb1.interchange - give to, and receive from, one another; "Would you change places with me?"; "We have been exchanging letters for a year"
Synonyms: exchange, change
2.interchange - cause to change places; "interchange this screw for one of a smaller size"
3.interchange - reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)
ESP, access, accord, agency, agree, agree with, aisle, alley, alternate, alternation, ambulatory, answer, aperture, arcade, artery, avenue, bandy, barter, bartering, be in connection, be in contact, be quits with, boomerang, brokerage, buy and sell, buying and selling, change, channel, chime in with, cloister, coact, coaction, colonnade, comeback, commerce, commerce with, commune with, communicate, communication, communion, commute, compensate, complementary distribution, concurrence, conduction, conduit, congress, connection, contact, contagion, convection, conversation, converse, cooperate, cooperation, correspond, correspondence, corridor, cotton to, counter, counterblast, counterblow, counterchange, counterstroke, covered way, deal, deal with, dealing, dealings, defile, delivery, deportation, diapedesis, diffusion, dissemination, do business, doing business, dovetail, empathize, engage, engagement, exchange, exit, export, exportation, expulsion, extradition, fall in with, ferry, ford, gallery, get along, get along with, get back at, get even with, get on with, give and take, give in exchange, give-and-take, handy, harmonize, harmonize with, have dealings with, have intercourse, have truck with, hold communication, horse trading, horse-trade, identify with, import, importation, information, inlet, interact, interaction, intercommunicate, intercommunication, intercommunion, intercourse, interlace, interlacing, intermesh, intermeshing, interplay, intersection, intertwine, intertwining, interweave, interweaving, interwork, interworking, jobbing, junction, lane, linguistic intercourse, logroll, merchandising, mesh, meshing, message, metastasis, metathesis, metempsychosis, migration, mortise, mutual transfer, opening, osmosis, outlet, overpass, pass, passage, passageway, passing over, pay back, perfusion, permute, portico, quid pro quo, railroad tunnel, reciprocate, reciprocation, recoil, reply, requite, respond, respond to, response, retailing, retaliate, retaliation, retort, return, return the compliment, reverse, seesaw, sing in chorus, social intercourse, speak, speaking, speech, speech circuit, speech situation, spread, spreading, swap, swap horses, swapping, switch, sympathize, take in exchange, talk, talking, telepathy, tit for tat, touch, trade, trade in, trade off, trade sight unseen, trading, traffic, traffic with, trafficking, traject, trajet, transduction, transfer, transfer of property, transference, transfusion, transit, transition, translation, translocation, transmigration, transmigration of souls, transmission, transmittal, transmittance, transplacement, transplantation, transposal, transpose, transposition, travel, truck, tunnel, two-way communication, underpass, understand one another, wheeling and dealing, wholesaling
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