1.The state or quality of being entire or complete; wholeness; entireness; unbroken state; as, the integrity of an empire or territory.
2.Moral soundness; honesty; freedom from corrupting influence or motive; - used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts, the discharge of agencies, trusts, and the like; uprightness; rectitude.
Their sober zeal, integrity, and worth.
- Cowper.
3.Unimpaired, unadulterated, or genuine state; entire correspondence with an original condition; purity.
Language continued long in its purity and integrity.
- Sir M. Hale.
Noun1.integrity - an unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality
Synonyms: unity, wholeness
2.integrity - moral soundness
absoluteness, assured probity, blamelessness, character, cleanness, coherence, collectivity, combination, completeness, complex, comprehensiveness, decency, differentiation, differentness, distinctiveness, egohood, elementarity, embodiment, entireness, entirety, erectness, estimableness, exhaustiveness, forthrightness, fullness, fundamentality, fusion, good character, goodness, high ideals, high principles, high-mindedness, homogeneity, honorableness, human factor, identity, immaculacy, inclusiveness, incorruptibility, incorruption, individualism, individuality, indivisibility, intactness, integer, integrality, integration, inviolability, irreducibility, irreproachability, irreproachableness, justness, monism, moral excellence, moral strength, morality, nobility, nominalism, nonconformity, omnipresence, oneness, organic unity, particularism, particularity, perfection, personal equation, personal identity, personality, personship, pervasiveness, plainness, plenitude, principles, probity, pureness, purity, reputability, respectability, righteousness, self-identity, selfhood, selfness, selfsameness, severity, simpleness, simplicity, singleness, singularity, solidarity, solidification, solidity, soul, stability, stainlessness, starkness, straightforwardness, thoroughness, togetherness, totality, ubiquity, unadulteration, undividedness, unification, uniformity, unimpeachability, unimpeachableness, uniqueness, unity, universality, univocity, unmixedness, unsophistication, unspottedness, upstandingness, veracity, virtue, virtuousness, whole, worthiness
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