in an editorial

Adv.1.in an editorial - by means of an editorial; "the paper commented editorially on the scandal"
editorially, with an editorial
in abeyance
in absentia
in accord
In account with
in addition
in advance
In aedificiis lapis male positus non est removendus
In aequali jure melior est conditio possidentis
in agreement
In alio loco
in all
in all likelihood
in all probability
In alternativis electio est debitoris
In amours with
in an arch manner
-- in an editorial --
in an elaborate way
In and in
In and in breeding
in and of itself
In and out
In antis
in any case
in any event
in apposition
In arms
In arrear
in arrears
In articulo mortis
In as much as
in attendance
In aunters
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