Pronunciation: fâr
v. i.1.To go; to pass; to journey; to travel.
[imp. & p. p. Fared ; p. pr. & vb. n. Faring.]
2.To be in any state, or pass through any experience, good or bad; to be attended with any circummstances or train of events, fortunate or unfortunate; as, he fared well, or ill.
I bid you most heartily well to fare.
- Robynson (More's Utopia).
3.To be treated or entertained at table, or with bodily or social comforts; to live.
4.To happen well, or ill; - used impersonally; as, we shall see how it will fare with him.
5.To behave; to conduct one's self.
She ferde [fared] as she would die.
- Chaucer.
n.1.A journey; a passage.
That nought might stay his fare.
- Spenser.
2.The price of passage or going; the sum paid or due for conveying a person by land or water; as, the fare for crossing a river; the fare in a coach or by railway.
3.Ado; bustle; business.
The warder chid and made fare.
- Chaucer.
4.Condition or state of things; fortune; hap; cheer.
What fare? what news abroad ?
- Shak.
5.Food; provisions for the table; entertainment; as, coarse fare; delicious fare.
6.The person or persons conveyed in a vehicle; as, a full fare of passengers.
7.The catch of fish on a fishing vessel.
Bill of fare
See under Bill.
Fare indicator
a device for recording the number of passengers on a street car, etc.
Fare wicket
a - A gate or turnstile at the entrance of toll bridges, exhibition grounds, etc., for registering the number of persons passing it.
b - An opening in the door of a street car for purchasing tickets of the driver or passing fares to the conductor.
- Knight.
Noun1.fare - an agenda of things to do; "they worked rapidly down the menu of reports"
Synonyms: menu
2.fare - the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
Synonyms: transportation
3.fare - a paying (taxi) passenger
4.fare - the food and drink that are regularly consumed
Verb1.fare - proceed or get along; "How is she doing in her new job?"; "How are you making out in graduate school?"; "He's come a long way"
Synonyms: get along, make out, do, come
2.fare - eat well
admission, admission fee, advance, adventurer, alpinist, anchorage, astronaut, attend, be so, be such, become of, board, bread, bread and butter, break bread, brokerage, campaign, camper, carfare, cellarage, charge, charges, cheer, climber, come about, come along, come of, come on, come out, come through, comers and goers, comestibles, commute, commuter, contrive, cosmopolite, cost, count calories, course, cover charge, cover ground, creature comfort, cruise, cruiser, cuisine, daily bread, demand, develop, diet, do, dockage, dues, eatables, edibles, end, ensue, entrance fee, eventuate, exaction, exactment, excursionist, explorer, fall out, fall to, fare forth, fast food, feast, fee, feed, fetch, flit, flow, follow, food, food and drink, foodstuff, gang, get along, get by, get on, globe-girdler, globe-trot, globe-trotter, go, go abroad, go along, go on, go on safari, go overseas, goer, hajji, health food, hie, hire, hit the trail, hunger, ingesta, issue, jaunt, jet set, jet-setter, journey, journeyer, junk food, kitchen stuff, license fee, make, make a journey, make a pilgrimage, make a trip, make headway, make out, manage, mariner, meals, meat, mountaineer, move, move along, move on, palmer, pan out, partake, partake of, pass, passerby, pathfinder, peregrinate, pilgrim, pilgrimage, pilotage, pioneer, pitch in, portage, price, proceed, process, prove, prove to be, provender, provision, provisions, push on, range the world, relish, repair, result, roll, roll on, rubberneck, rubbernecker, run, sailor, salvage, sashay, savor, scot, scot and lot, shape up, shot, sight-see, sightseer, spread, stack up, stagger, storage, straphanger, stream, survive, sustenance, table, take, take a trip, take the road, taste, terminate, tour, tourer, tourist, towage, trailblazer, trailbreaker, transient, travel, traveler, traveller, trek, trekker, tripper, tucker, turn out, unfold, viands, viator, victuals, visiting fireman, vittles, voortrekker, voyage, voyager, voyageur, wayfare, wayfarer, wend, wharfage, work out, world-traveler
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