family Proteaceae

Noun1.family Proteaceae - large family of Australian and South African shrubs and trees with leathery leaves and clustered mostly tetramerous flowers; constitutes the order Proteales
Bartle Frere, Conospermum, dicot family, Embothrium, genus Banksia, genus Bartle-Frere, genus Conospermum, genus Embothrium, genus Grevillea, genus Guevina, genus Hakea, genus Knightia, genus Lambertia, genus Leucadendron, genus Lomatia, genus Macadamia, genus Orites, genus Persoonia, genus Protea, genus Stenocarpus, genus Telopea, genus Xylomelum, green dinosaur, Guevina, Hakea, Knightia, Lambertia, Leucadendron, magnoliopsid family, order Proteales, Orites, Persoonia, protea family, Proteaceae, Proteales, Stenocarpus, Telopea, Xylomelum
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