n.1.The extreme part; the utmost limit; the farthest or remotest point or part; as, the extremities of a country.
They sent fleets . . . to the extremities of Ethiopia.
- Arbuthnot.
2.(Zool.) One of locomotive appendages of an animal; a limb; a leg or an arm of man.
3.The utmost point; highest degree; most aggravated or intense form.
4.The highest degree of inconvenience, pain, or suffering; greatest need or peril; extreme need; necessity.
Upon mere extremity he summoned this last Parliament.
- Milton.
Noun1.Extremityextremity - an external body part that projects from the body; "it is important to keep the extremities warm"
Synonyms: appendage, member
2.extremity - an extreme condition or state (especially of adversity or disease)
3.extremity - the greatest or utmost degree; "the extremity of despair"
4.extremity - the outermost or farthest region or point
5.extremity - that part of a limb that is farthest from the torso
Thule, Ultima Thule, abandon, abstract, aching heart, acme, acuteness, agony, agony of mind, all, anguish, animality, apex, apogee, arch, arms, atrocity, bale, barbarity, bitter end, bitterness, bleeding heart, blind alley, bloodlust, border, border line, bottom dollar, bound, boundary, boundary condition, boundary line, boundlessness, bounds, bourn, box, break boundary, breakoff point, broken heart, brow, brutality, butt, butt end, cap, ceiling, circumscription, clear, clear away, climacteric, climax, cloud nine, clubfoot, clutch, compass, confine, convergence of events, corner, crest, crisis, critical juncture, critical point, crossroads, crown, crucial period, crunch, crushing, cul-de-sac, culmen, culmination, cutoff, cutoff point, dead end, dead-end street, deadline, deadlock, death agonies, death groan, death rattle, death struggle, death throes, deathbed, deathwatch, delimitation, deliver, depression, depth of misery, desolation, despair, destructiveness, detach, determinant, difference, differentiate, digit, disburden, discern, discriminate, disembarrass, disembroil, disencumber, disengage, disentangle, disinvolve, distinguish, division line, dog, dying breath, edge, egregiousness, emergency, end, enormousness, exaggeration, excess, excessiveness, exigency, exorbitance, exorbitancy, extravagance, extravagancy, extreme, extreme limit, extremes, extremism, extremities, extricate, fabulousness, fag end, farthest bound, feet, ferociousness, fetlock, fierceness, final extremity, fingers, finish, floor, foot, force, forefoot, forepaw, free, frontier, furiousness, giantism, gigantism, gluttony, grief, halt, hands, harefoot, harshness, heartache, heaven, heavens, heavy heart, hedge, heel, height, high noon, high-water mark, highest degree, highest pitch, highest point, hinge, hole, hoof, hyperbole, hypertrophy, immoderacy, immoderateness, immoderation, impasse, impetuosity, inclemency, incontinence, infelicity, inhumanity, inordinacy, inordinance, inordinateness, instep, intemperance, intemperateness, intensity, interface, jumping-off place, last agony, last breath, last gasp, legs, liberate, limbs, limen, limit, limitation, limiting factor, limits, line, line of demarcation, low-water mark, lower limit, malignity, march, margin, mark, maximum, melancholia, melancholy, mercilessness, meridian, mete, mindlessness, misery, monstrousness, moribundity, mountaintop, murderousness, ne plus ultra, nib, nimiety, no place higher, noon, nth degree, outrageousness, overdevelopment, overgreatness, overgrowth, overindulgence, overlargeness, overmuch, overmuchness, pad, pass, pastern, patte, paw, peak, pedal extremity, pedes, periphery, pes, pied, pinch, pinnacle, pitch, pitilessness, point, pole, prostration, pug, push, radicalism, release, rescue, resolve, ridge, rigor, roughness, rub, sadness, savagery, separate, seventh heaven, sever, severalize, severity, sharpness, sky, sole, spire, splayfoot, stalemate, stand, standstill, start, starting line, starting point, stop, strait, stub, stump, suicidal despair, summit, tag, tag end, tail, tail end, target date, term, terminal date, termination, terminus, terrorism, the whole, threshold, throes of death, time allotment, tip, tip-top, toe, toes, too much, too-muchness, tootsy, top, trotter, trotters, turn, turning point, unconscionableness, undueness, ungentleness, ungula, unravel, unreasonableness, unrestrainedness, unscramble, untangle, untie, untwine, upmost, upper extremity, upper limit, uppermost, utmost, utmost extent, uttermost, vandalism, vehemence, venom, vertex, very top, viciousness, violence, virulence, wings, woe, wretchedness, zenith
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