Pronunciation: bound
n.1.The external or limiting line, either real or imaginary, of any object or space; that which limits or restrains, or within which something is limited or restrained; limit; confine; extent; boundary.
He hath compassed the waters with bounds.
- Job xxvi. 10.
On earth's remotest bounds.
- Campbell.
And mete the bounds of hate and love.
- Tennyson.
To keep within bounds
not to exceed or pass beyond assigned limits; to act with propriety or discretion.
v. t.1.To limit; to terminate; to fix the furthest point of extension of; - said of natural or of moral objects; to lie along, or form, a boundary of; to inclose; to circumscribe; to restrain; to confine.
2.To name the boundaries of; as, to bound France.
v. i.1.
1.To move with a sudden spring or leap, or with a succession of springs or leaps; as the beast bounded from his den; the herd bounded across the plain.
2.To rebound, as an elastic ball.
v. t.1.To make to bound or leap; as, to bound a horse.
2.To cause to rebound; to throw so that it will rebound; as, to bound a ball on the floor.
n.1.A leap; an elastic spring; a jump.
A bound of graceful hardihood.
- Wordsworth.
2.Rebound; as, the bound of a ball.
3.(Dancing) Spring from one foot to the other.
imp. & p. 1.imp. & p. p. of Bind.
p. p. & a.1.Restrained by a hand, rope, chain, fetters, or the like.
2.Inclosed in a binding or cover; as, a bound volume.
3.Under legal or moral restraint or obligation.
4.Constrained or compelled; destined; certain; - followed by the infinitive; as, he is bound to succeed; he is bound to fail.
5.Resolved; as, I am bound to do it.
6.Constipated; costive.
Bound bailiff
(Eng. Law) a sheriff's officer who serves writs, makes arrests, etc. The sheriff being answerable for the bailiff's misdemeanors, the bailiff is usually under bond for the faithful discharge of his trust.
Bound up in
entirely devoted to; inseparable from.
a.1.Ready or intending to go; on the way toward; going; - with to or for, or with an adverb of motion; as, a ship is bound to Cadiz, or for Cadiz.
Noun1.bound - a line determining the limits of an area
Synonyms: boundary, edge
2.Boundbound - the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something
Synonyms: boundary, bounds
3.Boundbound - a light springing movement upwards or forwards
Verb1.bound - move forward by leaps and bounds; "The horse bounded across the meadow"; "The child leapt across the puddle"; "Can you jump over the fence?"
Synonyms: jump, leap, spring
2.bound - form the boundary of; be contiguous to
Synonyms: border
3.bound - place limits on (extent or access); "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"
4.bound - spring back; spring away from an impact; "The rubber ball bounced"; "These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
Adj.1.bound - held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union
free - unconstrained or not chemically bound in a molecule or not fixed and capable of relatively unrestricted motion; "free expansion"; "free oxygen"; "a free electron"
2.bound - confined by bonds; "bound and gagged hostages"
unbound - not restrained or tied down by bonds
3.bound - secured with a cover or binding; often used as a combining form; "bound volumes"; "leather-bound volumes"
unbound - not secured within a cover; "an unbound book"
4.bound - (usually followed by `to') governed by fate; "bound to happen"; "an old house destined to be demolished"; "he is destined to be famous"
Synonyms: destined
5.bound - covered or wrapped with a bandage; "the bandaged wound on the back of his head"; "an injury bound in fresh gauze"
Synonyms: bandaged
6.bound - headed or intending to head in a certain direction; often used as a combining form as in `college-bound students'; "children bound for school"; "a flight destined for New York"
Synonyms: destined
7.bound - bound by an oath; "a bound official"
8.bound - bound by contract
9.bound - confined in the bowels; "he is bound in the belly"
Highland fling, absolute, adjoin, affianced, affiliate, affiliated, allied, and jump, apodictic, apprenticed, articled, assembled, associate, associated, assured, backfire, backlash, backlashing, banded together, barred, befringe, beholden, beholden to, beleaguer, beleaguered, beset, besiege, besieged, betrothed, bind, blockade, blockaded, blocked, booked, boomerang, border, border line, borders, bounce back, bound and determined, bound back, boundary condition, boundary line, bounded, bounden, bounden to, bounds, bourn, box in, bracketed, break boundary, breakoff point, broad jump, buck, buckjump, cabined, cage, caged, cannon, cannon off, canter, caper, capriole, carom, ceiling, chamber, choked, choked up, circle in, circumscribe, circumscription, clear, clear and distinct, clear as day, clogged, clogged up, cloistered, close in, closed-in, collateral, collected, committed, compass, compromised, conclusive, condition, conditioned, confine, confined, confines, congested, conjoined, conjugate, connected, constipated, constrained, contain, contracted, contrecoup, coop, coop in, coop up, cooped, copulate, copyright, copyrighted, cordon, cordon off, cordoned, cordoned off, corral, corralled, correlated, costive, coupled, cramped, cribbed, curvet, cutoff, cutoff point, deadline, decided, decisive, dedicated, define, definite, delimit, delimitate, delimitation, demarcate, demivolt, determinant, determinate, determine, determined, devoted, directed, discipline, disciplined, divide, division line, doomed, draw the line, duty-bound, earnest, edge, encircle, enclose, enclosed, encompass, end, enframe, engaged, enshrine, enslaved, extent, extremity, fast, fastened, fated, fence in, fenced, finish, finite, fix, fixed, floor, fly back, flying jump, forced, foul, fouled, fox-trot, frame, fringe, frolic, frontier, full, galliard, gallop, gambol, gathered, gelandesprung, get, git, grand jete, guaranteed, hampered, hand-in-glove, hand-in-hand, handcuffed, handspring, have repercussions, headed, hedge, hedge about, hedge in, hedged, hem, hem in, hemmed, high jump, high-water mark, hightail, hippety-hop, hop along, hotfoot, house in, hurdle, immured, implicated, impound, imprison, imprisoned, in bonds, in chains, in duty bound, in irons, incarcerate, incarcerated, include, incorporated, indebted to, indentured, ineluctable, inevitable, infarcted, integrated, intended, interface, interlinked, interlocked, interrelated, intimate, involved, ironbound, jail, jailed, jammed, jete, jig, joined, jump over, jump shot, jump turn, jump-hop, jump-off, kennel, kick, kick back, kickback, knotted, lap, lash back, lavolta, lay off, leagued, leaguer, leaguered, leap over, leapfrog, likely, limen, limitation, limited, limiting factor, limits, line, line of demarcation, linked, list, long jump, lop, lope, low-water mark, lower limit, make tracks, manacled, march, marge, margin, marginate, mark, mark boundaries, mark off, mark out, mark the periphery, matched, mated, measure, merged, mete, mew, mew up, mewed, moderate, moderated, morris, narrow, necessary, negotiate, obligate, obligated, obliged, obliged to, obstinate, obstipated, obstructed, of that ilk, of that kind, overjump, overleap, overskip, packed, paired, paled, parallel, patent, patented, pen, pen in, penned, pent-up, perfectly sure, persevering, persistent, pledged, plighted, plugged, plugged up, pocket, pole vault, positive, pounce, pounce on, pounce upon, precincts, predestined, predetermined, prescribed, promised, proscribed, purfle, purl, purlieus, purposeful, qualified, qualify, quarantine, quarantined, rail in, railed, rebound, rebuff, recalcitrate, recalcitration, recoil, register, related, relentless, repercuss, repercussion, repulse, required, resile, resilience, resolute, resolved, restrain, restrained, restrict, restricted, ricochet, rim, romp, rope off, run, running broad jump, running high jump, saddled, saut de basque, scant, scheduled, secured, separate, serious, set off, set the limit, shrine, shut in, shut up, shut-in, side, sincere, single-minded, ski jump, skirt, snap back, specialize, specify, spliced, spring back, sprint, stable, stake out, start aside, start up, starting line, starting point, steeplechase, step, step along, step lively, stint, stopped, stopped up, strait, straiten, straitened, strapped, stuffed, stuffed up, sure-enough, surround, sworn, target date, tenacious, term, terminal date, terminus, tethered, threshold, tied down, tied up, time allotment, tour jete, trammeled, trim, trip, trot, true, twinned, unambiguous, under obligation, underwritten, undivided, unequivocal, united, univocal, unmistakable, updive, upleap, upper limit, upspring, vault, verge, wall in, walled, walled-in, warranted, wed, wedded, wholehearted, wrap, yard, yard up, yoked
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