body structure

Noun1.body structure - a particular complex anatomical structure; "he has good bone structure"
alveolar bed, anatomical structure, apodeme, aster, ball, blade, bodily cavity, bodily structure, body part, bony labyrinth, branchial arch, branchial cleft, bridge, bulb, caliculus, calycle, calyculus, capsule, carina, cartilaginous structure, cauda, cavity, cavum, centromere, chiasm, chiasma, cingulum, complex body part, concha, convolution, cornu, corona, costa, cytoskeleton, decussation, filament, filum, fold, fundus, funiculus, germ, gill arch, gill bar, gill cleft, gill slit, glans, gyrus, head, horny structure, infundibulum, interstice, kinetochore, lacrimal apparatus, landmark, layer, limbus, membranous labyrinth, neural structure, nucleolar organiser, nucleolar organizer, nucleolus organiser, nucleolus organizer, osseous labyrinth, pad, passage, passageway, peristome, plate, plexus, plica, radicle, receptor, rete, rib, root, rotator cuff, skeletal structure, structure, syrinx, tooth, tooth root, tube, tube-shaped structure, unguis, uvea, valve, vascular structure, zona, zone
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Boehm B.
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