n.1.(Zool.) any of several large carplike North American fish.
2.(Zool.) Any of several large fresh-water fishes of the family Catostomidæ (also called suckers see Sucker family), of the Mississippi valley. The red-mouthed or brown (Ictiobus bubalus), the big-mouthed buffalofish (Ictiobus cyrinellus, formerly called Bubalichthys urus), the black buffalofish (Ictiobus niger), and the small-mouthed buffalofish (Ictiobus bubalus, formerly called Bubalichthys altus), are among the more important species used as food.
Noun1.buffalofishbuffalofish - large carp-like North American fish
2.buffalofishbuffalofish - any of several large suckers of the Mississippi valley
Synonyms: buffalo fish
buffalo fish, freshwater fish
buffalo carpet beetle
buffalo chip
Buffalo chips
buffalo clover
Buffalo cod
buffalo fish
Buffalo fly
buffalo gnat
buffalo gourd
buffalo grass
Buffalo Indian
buffalo nickel
buffalo nut
Buffalo robe
buffalo soldier
buffalo wing
-- buffalofish --
Buffel duck
buffel grass
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buffer overflow
buffer solution
buffer state
buffer storage
buffer store
buffered aspirin
buffered write-through
buffet car
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